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  • One-Click Access
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  • Worldwide Payments
  • 24/7 Team Support

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Why Only Toolszen?

One Click Access

Access tools direct through One-Click Button, no need to install third-party extensions. Access tools in PC & Mobiles easily.

Cheapest Price Ever

Toolszen is one of the cheapest group buy tools providers, Get popular & expensive tools at a very cheap prices.

Instant Access

Toolszen is based on Custom CMS, allow you to get your access as the payment is done, no need of approval.

Payment Gateways

Toolszen uses Paytm, PayuMoney, Stripe, UPI, CreditCard, DebitCard, NetBanking, PayPal etc. to accepts their payments (International + National), all are accepted.

Live Chat Support

Our top priority is to take care of our customer needs, That is why we provide 24*7 Live Chat Support. You can chat with us anytime.

100% Privacy Protection

As it is a group buy tool service, we provide shared accounts (Limited & Managed), but your searched data will be secure in our platform. We are trying our best to update our security, and Toolszen is a fully security-focused group buy tool service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Our System Works?

Using chrome plugins.

We will provide you two chrome plugins which has all setting to access tools. Simply install it & you will get access to all tools instantly.

Will each user get individual account ?

Not at all,

It's a Group Buy service, means we buy accounts collectively and share it among all users, we cannot provide individual login to each user.

Do You offer Refund?


We have refund policy, You can request for refund if our service not working properly.

Can I use accounts in Office & Home?


You have to buy Separate Account for your office, we have automated reporting system if we detect sharing violation we might ban your account.

Can I share accounts?


We don't allow sharing of accounts, If our system find you are sharing account then we will immediately ban your account without any notice.

Do you provide accounts passwords?


We provide you tools access through 2 different methods, first one -access directly by just installing Toolszen's official chrome extensions, 2nd one, access tools through one click.